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Sedation Dentistry, Charleston SC

North Charleston Dentist, Dr. Julian Campbell

Dr. Julian Campbell

We believe in safe, comfortable dentistry for everyone. There’s no reason for you to feel any worry or anxiety when you visit us at Palmetto Smiles of Charleston. This is why we offer free sedation dentistry with your first visit.

Whether you want to feel sedated during your procedure or would like to calm your nerves before your appointment even begins, Dr. Campbell has options for you.

Dr. Campbell has been a member of DOCS, an organization supporting oral sedation dentistry, since 2008. His number-one priority is the comfort of his patients.

Sit Back and Relax

If you experience dental anxiety, but need dental treatment, we invite you to discuss your concerns with us before treatment so that we can determine an appropriate solution.

We’ll take our time making sure you’re comfortable when you arrive. We can do several years’ worth of dental care in just one visit! The effects of these medications usually wear off within a few hours. We ask that you arrange for someone else to pick you up and bring you home after your visit.

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Dental Anxiety Options

{PJ} Sedation DentistryWe offer several solutions to relax you before and during your appointment with us. Laughing gas will minimize your anxiety and allow you to feel as if you had slept through or don’t remember much about your visit. Machines monitor your breathing and we make sure you’ll be extremely safe.

Oral sedatives are also available to take the night before your appointment or when you arrive. When taken the night before, an oral sedative will help you get into a relaxed state for your appointment. Medication dispensed in our office will cause you to not remember anything about your visit.

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