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Meet Grant Bale, DMD

Enjoying the Service Side of Dentistry

Dr Grant Bale

Growing up, I had a good family friend that was a dentist. I followed him around, did some shadowing and found that I really liked the service side of dentistry. I enjoyed being able to provide a service and get that instant gratification of helping somebody. I looked at vet school for a while but didn’t like working with animals. I love animals – I just didn’t like working with them.

The other thing that appeals to me about dentistry is interacting with people. I like helping people. Being a dentist allows you to provide an instant service. If someone comes in with a toothache we’re able to alleviate that pain and provide great service for the patient.

I’m here for the patient. I want every patient to be happy.

Dr. Grant Bale

Helping to Create Confidence

Dr. Bale enjoys giving his patients the confidence that comes with having a beautiful smile. From crowning a patient’s upper teeth to straightening another patient’s teeth with braces, Dr. Bale gives his patients smile makeovers that are truly life changing and transformative. “It brings a different type of confidence to a patient when they can smile. It’s great to see a patient go from being shy, timid and not wanting to smile to wanting to show off their teeth all the time.”

Education and Professional Associations

This Kentucky native went to University of Louisville to earn his dental degree. “Dental school was probably the toughest four years of my life.” According to Dr. Bale, he didn’t know much about the field when he went to school but he came to love dentistry. “It’s an awesome profession!”

He furthers his education by taking continuing education classes. He is now able to do braces for patients. Next he will be taking a class in Invisalign® to help his patients enjoy straighter teeth with clear aligners. Dr. Grant is a member of the American Dental Association and the South Carolina Dental Association.

Enjoying Family Time

North Charleston Dentist Dr. Grant Bale and his family

Dr. Bale with his family

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Bale and his wife enjoy spending time with their 10-month-old son Landon and their 10-year-old Golden Retriever. The family also likes going out on their boat.

This youthful-looking dentist is 30. The number-one question people ask is, “How old is he?” Or they’ll ask, “Is that Doogie Howser?”

When Dr. Bale tells them he’s been out of school for five years, they’re surprised!


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