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Experience Comfortable Dental Care

smiling older manIt’s not surprising that many people avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety or fear. Perhaps you had a negative experience seeing the dentist as a child and have put off getting dental care. At Palmetto Smiles of Charleston, we work to ensure that our patients are completely comfortable and at ease. We will always take the time to walk you through your procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Offering Sedation Options

To help allay any concerns you have about undergoing a dental procedure, we offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas at no charge. This form of sedation takes the edge off and decreases anxiety, allowing us to perform one or multiple procedures in the same visit. We also offer oral sedatives that you can take the night before your appointment or when you arrive.

The Power of Distraction

Many patients bring their headphones & portable devices with them to listen to their favorite music or audiobook during treatment. Every operatory also features a television so you can watch or listen to the show of your choice while you’re receiving care.

We Follow Your Lead

Rest assured that we will always follow your lead regarding your comfort level. It’s our goal to make sure that you have an exceptional and comfortable experience every time you see us. We are honored to have received so many positive online reviews. Some patients have expressed that they are no longer afraid to visit the dentist. Kind comments like that reinforce our passion for delivering gentle, high-quality care.

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