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Holistic Dentistry

Mercury-Free Practice

dr julian campbell

Dr. Julian Campbell

With a holistic dentist, you can trust that we consider the whole person, not just your teeth. Part of our commitment to providing gentle, holistic oral care is through the use of biocompatible materials that the body won’t reject.

Keeping your health in mind at all times, we isolate your teeth when we work so that no harmful substances enter your body.

Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

Amalgam fillings are a thing of the past. When a thermometer breaks in a laboratory, the entire premises are evacuated. These substances shouldn’t be in your body so we use a safe alternative.

It’s therefore no surprise that the toxic heavy metals in mercury fillings may cause a variety of chronic health problems referred to as mercury poisoning.

To remove this harmful mercury from your mouth, we minimally drill it out so that there are fewer vapors and particles in the air. Slices are made into the silver filling with a constant water spray to keep the temperature and vapor pressure low on the mercury. We then use a suction system in a box that sits over the tooth, catching all particles and vapors right away.


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